Over the years we have helped many clients achieve their financial goals. We thought it would be nice to share with you some of their stories.

"possibility of investing ethically"

We were approached by Mrs B who had just inherited a large sum of money and wanted to discuss the possibility of investing ethically. She explained she had been recommended by a friend who told her that we had helped him with his Co-operative Insurance investments. As an ethical investor myself I had empathy with Mrs B’s view on ethical and sustainable investing and was able to provide her with her very own bespoke portfolio. Mrs B is happy that she now has an investment that meets her ethical criteria, provides her with a regular income, has achieved real growth and has enabled others to benefit in her good fortune.

"apprehensive about obtaining financial advice"

We were contacted by Mr A who wanted to discuss how he might access his pension to help provide a deposit for his daughter’s house. Mr A explained he was apprehensive about obtaining financial advice as past experience had left him disenchanted with the profession. Because he felt that he had not been treated as a valued customer I arranged an informal face to face meeting in his home to ensure he felt more comfortable and at ease. During the meeting we discussed a range of ideas and available options and agreed a follow up meeting would be beneficial to help with his personal financial planning. The outcome was we managed to provide the deposit for his daughter’s house by using the “tax free cash” element of one on his pensions. Additionally, as a result of a full financial review the client received a tax rebate of £9,000 which he used to help furnish his daughters new home.

"contacted us because we were local and he wanted to see if we could get a better deal"

Mr H called us explaining that he had seen “Martin Lewis – the money saving expert” on television asserting that people should shop around if they wanted the best pension in retirement. He said that he contacted us because we were local and he wanted to see if we could get a better deal for him than the one offered by the company he had saved with for over 30 years. After a short discussion and a brief explanation of how the open market option and annuities work we arranged a free, no obligation meeting in our office. At the meeting we discussed how health, lifestyle, smoking and drinking have an impact on annuity income. As a light smoker with high cholesterol and blood pressure we managed arrange an annuity that provided him with over 20% more income than offered by his current pension provider.

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